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The Devil Made Me Do It – Man who kills Single Mother


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A murder suspect who was on the run was dramatically arrested after the man he thought was out to help him avoid apprehension turned out to be a police officer.

Abdi Wario Guyo Umuro had fled Maua town in Meru County to seek shelter in Nairobi’s Eastleigh estate after he allegedly brutally murdered Dekah Adow Isaak, 42, Wednesday night, Nairobinews reports.

Since he did not have money, he accepted bus fare from a police officer who was among a team assembled to hunt him down.


The fugitive freely kept updating the officer during the 280-kilometre journey.

During the attack, Guyo who worked as a watchman at a construction site allegedly fatally struck the single mother of seven on the head with a Maasai club, cracking her skull. Her neck also had scratches.

Guyo is said to have seized the deceased’s phone and gone with it to her house where he menacingly ordered her child to provide him with the mobile money PIN code.

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He claimed that he was aware that the deceased had received Sh20,000 through the phone. However, the shaken child could not provide it as the gadget was off.

As the deceased’s 20-year-old son responded to the commotion, the assailant lied to him that Ms Dekah had been involved in an accident and rushed to Maua Methodist hospital.

Following the misleading information, the family went on a wild goose chase, searching for the deceased in hospitals before the body was found lying in a pool of blood.

The discovery of the body caused uproar, with women from the Somali community who reside in the town holding a procession to the local police station, demanding the arrest of Guyo.

By that time, Guyo was already enroute to Nairobi where he hoped to seek refuge at a relative’s home.

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However, since he did not have enough money, he started calling a relative seeking money and to notify them that he would require some shelter.

It is then that watchful sleuths based at Maua town tracked the communication and determined that the relative was in the Eastleigh area of Nairobi.

They relayed the information to their counterparts at Pangani Police Station who promptly traced the relative and convinced him to ask the fugitive to accept calls from a sleuth posing as a Good Samaritan.

The detective who flawlessly spoke Mr Guyo’s mother tongue quickly established rapport with the suspect and learnt that he was stuck in Nkubu town after exhausting all the money he had.

“Fortunately, the suspect had differed with the relative and was cooperative with the police. The suspect asked for money and the officer sent it to him,” confirmed Igembe South DCIO Tiberius Ekisa.

The investigator kept in touch with the unsuspecting man until he alighted and was arrested without incident and taken back to Maua to face justice.

Mr Ekisa said the suspect had led homicide detectives to a disused latrine where they retrieved his blood-stained clothes which he had discarded after committing the crime.

“The clothes have been identified by the girl who came into contact with him. The suspect says he was misled by the devil and has been relating well with the deceased,” he said.

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