Google: How to Monitor, Protect Children's Internet Activities on...

Google: How to Monitor, Protect Children’s Internet Activities on the Go


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May be you are wondering how to use Google to monitor and protect your children’s internet activities from anywhere and at any time, this article would relive your search.

May be you are wondering how to use Google to monitor and protect your children’s internet activities from anywhere and at any time, this article would relive your search.
Children’s Safety

The rate at which illicit and unsolicited contents make round the internet is a major concern to any serious parent and guardian who allow their children and wards make do of internet-enabled phones – Android and IOS.

It is true that we are in the era where everything are done online, hence the need to be deliberate as it is now important and necessary for young children to surf and roam the online sphere.


It will be recalled, some days ago an ugly viral leaked sex video of a teenage girl who attended Chrisland School before suspended, made it way into homes, offices and residents of people through internet help.

The news broke when the video which is said to have been hidden from public for about two months surfaced on the internet. It is said that the incident occurred since two months ago but the school authority had kept it out of public.

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The said leaked video portrayed something that is learnt probably from the internet and then practiced in real time.

Mr. Jude Lark, a child psychologist and therapist said the act was learnt online and it is because the used device is not monitored and protected from adult content. “You know many things happened online and if parent didn’t take some control mechanisms through internet-enable software, more ungodly drama would unfold” He said.

After careful examinations and deductions from professionals and general public, it is assumed that the preteen girl learnt what she displayed from the internet, hence, the need to prevent such incidents going forward.

However, the following have been researched, tested and recommended to monitor and protect children’s devices at any where and at any time:

1. Register a Gmail account for them with the correct age and with your email as the parent.

2. Install Google Family Link on your own phone.

3. Add their registered e-mail to your Google Family Link.

4. Factory Reset their android device if they already have one then login the device with their own Gmail account that is linked to your Google Family Link.

5. If it is new device, make sure it is their Gmail you use to activate the device.

6. Immediately you carry out step 4 & 5 above, your phone will get a notification to allow them activate the device, this is the beginning of you taking control from anywhere.

7. All adult content of any form will never load in their phone.

8. They cannot install anything without your approval remotely from the Family Link.

9. You can lock their device from anywhere.

10. You can set a start and stop time for their device usage, the phone will lock when it gets to that time even if you forget.

11. YouTube will not allow them see adult content too.

12. There is also YKids, which is YouTube for Kids. It is strongly recommend you remove the normal YouTube and give them YKids.

13. From your Google Family Link, you can see how long they stayed on each app or page to warn them where necessary.

14. You will see as much as major details of the app.


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